Food And Nutrition

  • Foods for Breeding Syngnathids

    Copepod detail. By Tami Weiss | Date posted: 09/18/2012

    Seahorses and their syngnathid relatives provide some interesting challenges raising from birth. Although they produce larger young than many marine species, they often ignore foods that have been the standard for raising marine fish. They must be supplied live food … Continue reading

  • Collecting Shrimp

    My favorite, spot at Starcross on the river Exe Estuary. By Dave Isaacs | Date posted: 06/24/2009

    Republished from International Reefers with permission. Special thanks to David Isaacs for allowing us to reprint his mysis collecting tips! Editors note: This instructions are specific to the Exe Estuary in England, but will be applicable to most shorelines with … Continue reading

  • Live Food Suppliers

    Seahorse hunting food By Administrator | Date posted: 08/29/2008

    Finding live food for syngnathids can be difficult. Here is a list of mail order and online suppliers wordwide. If you know of any additional suppliers that should be added, please add to the comments below and I’ll add them to this list. Continue reading

  • Seahorse and Pipefish Foods

    H. ingens eating enriched bring shrimp By Tami Weiss | Date posted: 06/25/2005

    Seahorses are ambush predators, feeding primarily on crustaceans, mostly shrimp. In their wild state, most seahorses only eat live food. (Although H. capensis is an exception and known to feed on dead food in the wild). In our aquariums, Wild … Continue reading